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Innovative IoT Gadgets to Make Traveling Fun

Innovative IoT Gadgets to Make Traveling Fun


Traveling is an exciting endeavor. It helps us to escape from the hectic schedule of our daily lives and enjoy our recess time to the fullest. More than 80% of the people love to spend their leisure time pondering around the blissful beauty of nature. While traveling is much about fun, some risk factors can halt our journey before it even starts.

Modern tourists are so much confident; the requirement of having a tour guide around is not a compulsion anymore. The latest innovations in technology aid travelers to become more carefree and confident, and inspire them to travel expeditiously.

Nokia Treasure Tag

Nokia Treasure Tag is a must have traveling gadget for travelers. This $30 device can be attached to your valuables such as laptop bags, suitcase, mobile phones, keys, and more. Treasure Tag operates via Bluetooth signal and NFC, and appears as a small square box. This gadget pairs with any Windows phone, and acts as a sensor to locate the equipment it is attached to.

Besides that, Nokia Treasure Tag helps you to locate your phone. The Bluetooth range of this device is thirteen meters. Press the button located in the center of the device. And. If your phone is located within the periphery of the device it will start to make a beeping noise.

Nomad Charge Key

Nomad Charge Key an ordinary charger to carry on the go. It features an attractive body made from plastic and rubber. Nomad Charge Key works with both Apple and Android devices. Nomad has created different versions compatible with charging ports of multiple mobile devices. The product retails for $25 and is a perfect product for travelers who are sick of carrying long cables.

Travel Trek Router

Do you want to travel while being connected to the internet? No problem, NETGEAR’s compact Travel Trek Router has it covered. This device allows the user to save a bundle of bucks on expensive hotel Wi-Fi package. It offers a paid internet access that works perfectly on different parts of the globe. Besides Wi-Fi connection, it also works as a power bank to charge your mobile devices. Unquestionably, this is a very handy tool for travelers.

Mobi EyeFi SD Card

One of the greatest hassles for travelers is to store their photographs on the go. Connecting your card time after time to your laptop to erase the memory is a tedious affair. What if we tell you that there is a super smart card that transfers the photographs to your cloud network right after you take a snap.

Mobi EyeFi SD card is inbuilt with a Wi-Fi system that transfers the images in your card to the connected cloud network. This smart card also enables you to share the stored pictures with your mobile devices connected to the same cloud network. The card works like a regular SDHC card and is compatible with most DSLR and compact cameras.