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Four Emerging Internet of Things Trends

Four Emerging Internet of Things Trends


In the golden days of typewriters, humans thought, it would be better if machines could save and store data. Then, computers were introduced. Now, there is cloud storage, hi-tech computers, and other advanced gadgets to store large volume of data. Still, our expectations from technology don’t seem to stop.

The innovation of Industry 4.0, has introduced a plethora of smart gadgets to sweep us off our feet. Who thought flying cars would become a reality? Companies like Uber and Lilium have already tested flying cars, and they will debut their products on the market within 2020. Similarly, there are tons of other IoT products that will soon become a trend.

Wearable Gadgets

Wearable Gadgets sit atop of the charts when it comes to current Internet of things. From Smart Glasses to Wireless Headsets, wearable devices have exploded into the market in a short span of time.

Apple Watch, Google Glass, Fitbit Charge, and Garmin Vivo movie are best examples of wearable technology. It’s fascinating to see how artificial intelligence can help us to live a smarter and healthier life. Needless-to-say, wearable technology is the biggest innovation in the IoT world since smartphones. Over the years Wearable technology has reached mainstream, and the best innovations in the world are ones that you can place over your heads and on your wrist.


Why do we use smartphones? The basic and most common answer is to make a call and surf the internet. But, the purpose of smartphones excels is vast than we assume it to be. Smartphones are the key to unlock or operate other IoT devices. It is a magic wand that allows you to control every aspect of IoT and whatever it is connected to.

Every smart object including Televisions, Computers, Home Appliances, cars, and energy consumption can be remotely controlled via smartphones. Smartphones are the access pass to every other smart device, and their usability simply transcends our expectations.

Smart Music

So, what is the connection between internet of things and music? The simple answer is Prizm.

Prizm is an application that understands your musical preference. The application analyzes your behavior, playlists, and preferences to recognize your mood and suggests you to play the right music.

Smart Automotive

Smart cars are the next generation of driving technology. Many automobile companies have already introduced smart vehicles, and within 2020 there will be more than 20 million smart cars on the road.

A recent innovation in the smart automobile is BMW’s Next 100 motorcycles. This unique bike features a self-balancing technology, which has eliminated the requirement of a helmet and protection armor. Besides, the vehicle operates on electricity and has indication sensors.

There are dozens of other automobile companies experiment to develop smart cars. Tesla is working to develop driverless cars, Uber have already tested their flying cars, and other vehicles companies are generating new ideas to step into the IoT market.