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Research States Connected Cars Can Improve Road Safety

Research States Connected Cars Can Improve Road Safety


A new research explained the perception of motorist towards connected cars is changing. Today, more than 50% of drivers believe connected vehicles can improve road safety, and the study ensures it.

The study surveyed over 3000 motorists through Aviva insurance company. Amongst all candidates, 57% agreed that the vehicles with smart features can make the roads safer. However, the remaining explained that the world is not yet ready for autonomous vehicles.

It’s obvious that most people have no idea how connected technology has advanced over the last few years. So, most people still disagree on the convenience of connected vehicles. But this issue will inevitably wane over the next few years. Technology is evolving at a rapid pace, but still, most people are unable to embrace the changes.

Driverless cars can help users save plenty of time. Drivers can focus on more important things, while the car takes care of the driving itself. More than 30% of the candidates agreed that they would like to focus on more important things than driving. Interestingly only a small number of people preferred electric/hybrid cars instead of fossil fuel based vehicles.

On the other hand side, Toyota also claimed that connected cars are much safer. The company partnered with Institute for Traffic Accident Research and Data Analysis (ITARDA) to conclude the final results. The report found that vehicles equipped with safety sensors can mitigate road accidents by 60%. It prevents rear-end collision and helps users to detect the flaws in the vehicle.

CEO of Toyota Motors, Europe explains “It is only when such safety systems are in widespread use that they can have a real impact on eliminating traffic accidents and fatalities. That’s why Toyota has decided to launch the democratization of advanced safety technologies in its cars.”

Modern cars equipped with IoT sensors include sophisticated features such as auto driving, lane departure alerts, pre-collision system, automatic high beams, fuel sensors, remote control, and more. Some cars are even integrated with advanced monitoring systems to enable users to detect errors before anything goes wrong. On the other side, it sends a manufacturer about the flaw before anything critical happens.

Such high-level assistance features make driving easier and smarter. It increases the driver’s perception towards the traffic environment and makes the road safer for everyone.

Soon automated cars will be visible on the roads. The exponential growth in technology will ensure the safety of connected cars and boost the confidence of the users.