Home Automotive The Era of Connected Cars is Here using IoT and Connected technology
The Era of Connected Cars is Here using IoT and Connected technology

The Era of Connected Cars is Here using IoT and Connected technology


Imagine you are going for a long drive. Suddenly, the buzzer on your vehicle starts to beep and notifies you about the traffic congestion on the road ahead. Additionally, the system will suggest you to take an alternative route. You follow the instructions provided by a car and save your precious time. After a while, you receive a new notification regarding your engine oil. You use your car’s AI technology to contact the servicing center and book a schedule.

The IoT and connected technology will certainly alter the future of cars. Within few years, we’ll have cars fuelled with predictive sensors, not just gasoline. It will not just improve maintenance, but align the essential components to make driving safer and smarter. As the predictive analytics will start to make a profound existence in the auto industry, vehicles will be equipped with top-notch features for a better driving experience better. So, let’s look into few facts how connected cars will change driving as we know it today.


Today, many cars that roll through the streets can connect to the internet. This allows the users to improve navigational signals, music streaming, and data transfer. Among all features, the transmission of data is the most useful feature for car manufacturers. Automobile companies can capitalize the data and make their products better. Tesla, a renowned car company, is using the collected data to enhance their auto-driving feature. If you are unaware of this fact – “Tesla will be the first company to launch self-driving cars.”

Data management and security

With the rise of connected cars, manufacturers will create stout security solutions to preserve the collected data. A recent study shows that there will be more than 74% connected cars until 2020. The data transmission will be more than 25 GB per day. Smart security protocols will ensure these data would not be breached at any circumstances. The same technology will be used to detect cyber-threats. Automobile manufacturers will also use advanced storage system such as flash or cloud storage.

Predictive maintenance

With IoT sensors embedded inside every part of the car, predictive maintenance will be easier than ever. The data gathered by the sensors will allow cars to predict minor and major issues. Car manufacturers can use this data to configure common problem in their cars and improve their products. Predictive maintenance is beneficial for both consumer and manufacturers. It helps to mitigate additional repair cost for customers, and costly recalls for manufacturers.

Predictive collision avoidance

Apart from predictive maintenance, smart cars will also be able to predict and prevent accidents. By analyzing the surrounding cars and the data collected from predictive analytics, data-driven cars will be able to prevent traffic accidents. Most automobile companies are already engaged in exploring the possibilities.