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Are Connected Cars safe?

Are Connected Cars safe?


As connected cars are taking over the roads by storm, they are becoming more vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

Connected Cars

Why do we still call our smartphones just “phones,” when they are capable of so much more. Making phone calls is just a simple function, now mobile phones can operate as palmtop computers and perform complex tasks like a laptop or a desktop. Relatively, we will also use the term cars for connected vehicles, even if they transcend the boundaries of traditional driving and offer a myriad of exceptional capabilities.

Soon we will have cars with auto driving features. Smart cars will be able to drop your kids at school, while you enjoy your sip of coffee at home. When you are off to work, you will still be able to rent it to a taxi service provider. Except for the times when you feel like taking a drive, you can use the vehicle’s automatic features to operate it.

Living in networks

Connected cars are best when optimized for multiple networks. Modern cars must have the capability to interact with systems including power grids, traffic system, manufacturers, connected vehicles, service center system, government, and technical service. While these connections can endow users with multiple benefits, there will be a greater threat waiting on their doorstep – Cyber Attack.

Like every other industry influenced by the Internet of Things, car manufacturers must install robust security protocols to secure their ecosystem. However, the stakes are high in the auto industry. For instance, if someone hacks your mobile devices the results may not be life threatening. But, when it comes to vehicles, if someone breaches the security then it could easily endanger life.

Traditional Security is no longer an option

Gone are the days when traditional security methods were applicable in cars. Today, modern vehicles demand stout security measures, particularly against cyber threats. The importance of the technology is not just protecting the cars, but also the individuals and companies associated with it. If a serious incident occurs then it will not just hamper the car, but also the goodwill of the auto manufacturing company. And what’s worst, it can also put the life of the passengers in danger. “The only way you can address cyber threats is by monitoring, detecting and alerting,” says Best.

Auto Manufacturing companies have to collaborate with security companies to ensure the safety of their cars and protect them from cyber threats. Robust security protocols must be designed with collective intelligence so that no hacker can easily breach the security of the cars.

Legal Barriers

There are a lot of questions related to connected cars. The first and most important one is – Who is to blame when an accident happens? And, What about decision making, what if the system fails or crashes while the car is speeding on the runway?

There are still many issues with connected vehicles, and auto manufacturers must resolve them before they debut their products in the market. However, if the security measures are not compromised connected cars bring a revolution in transportation.