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Artificial Intelligence and Autonomous Driving

Artificial Intelligence and Autonomous Driving


Artificial Intelligence has grown by leaps and bounds in the last five years, enabling new technologies only possible in movies. The latest technical algorithm demands the integration of AI in various product domains. Researchers are developing sophisticated hardware to empower such technologies.

The use of AI in autonomous driving is one of the mostly discussed topics. For decades, we have heard how self-driving cars will slowly replace Advanced Driver Assistance System. And, the time has finally arrived.

However, create a self-driving word vehicles must operate independently, they must have the capacity to think and act as a human mind. The technology should amalgam factors such as decision making, detection, advanced navigation, and supervision. Simply put, the car should be able to analyze the surrounding and propel the car in motion.

Training AI to recognize

Before rolling the wheels on the street, driverless cars must understand the environment around it. The AI should be trained to visualize the surrounding and take the right actions. The AI sensors must be able to visualize the surrounding and take required actions.

While teaching AI to recognize pedestrians and vehicles is a piece of cake, the difficulty lies while training AI to handle unexpected obstacles, adverse driving condition, climate changes, and car accidents. There are plenty of factors to consider while before exposing driverless cars to the real world. However, the emerging wave of technology has made training AI easy and convenient.

Currently, car manufacturers use the principles behind racing games to train hundreds of AI systems related to connected vehicles. The methods used before that were not reliable and scalable, and manufacturers were having a hard time developing this technology. But now it seems as driverless cars will be possible within the next few years.

Training the AI to drive

Preparing the AI to drive doesn’t only mean to put the car in motion. The system should be integrated with sophisticated technology to ensure that the car solves dynamic driving tasks. The ability to recognize traffic signals and roadblock doesn’t make a car an autonomous vehicle. The vehicle has to take swift actions like humans, with greater agility and intelligence.

AI today can surpass human intelligence, meaning the car can detect everything happening around it. Human drivers can easily get distracted by external disturbance while the AI intelligence will ensure a smooth driving experience within the next few years.

AI is the key to all autonomous driving system. And AI doesn’t stop here; it is all around us. As we uncover the usability of AI we will understand its value in every industry.