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Influence of Internet of Things (IoT) in Healthcare Industry

Today, the healthcare industry lies at the edge. The healthcare industry is obligated to reduce cost while addressing the needs of the growing unhealthy population. The system that promised to increase the potential of healthcare services is unable to serve the real purpose. The Internet of Things has revolutionized a plethora of industry. However, it […]

Smart Health Services with the IoT and Connected Devices

Keep an Eye on Your Smart Home with Nest’s Security Cam

There are only a handful of smart gadgets that surpass the popularity of the Nest Cam. This all-knowing, all-seeing in-home camera was designed to monitor the activity inside a particular household, especially housekeepers and babysitters. Today, the usability of Nest Cam has escalated to a new horizon. The new Nest Cam is updated with IQ […]

Live Smart with the Internet of Things (IoT) Technology

Christmas Might Be In Jeopardy This Year because of IoT devices!

Today, IoT is not just a buzzword on the internet; it has made a stout presence and influenced almost every part of our lives. And with holidays approaching closer, the spectrum of IoT is expanding like never before. This year we will see plenty of smartwatches, Smart home appliances, wearable techs, and innovative gadgets making […]

IoT Camera’s Might be the Next Target of IoT Botnets

The Internet of Things and Autonomous Vehicles Transforming Fleet Management

The rumors about how autonomous vehicles are changing driving as we know it today are all over the internet. People are eager to adopt this innovation as soon as it debuts the market. Many companies have already embedded an array of useful features to make driving smooth and comfortable, and 80% of the population worldwide […]

Chinese Researchers Demonstrate the Vulnerabilities of Connected Vehicles

Modern Smart Wearable Demand Multi-Directional Platforms

The extensive range of wearable gadgets has bombarded the tech market. From smartwatches to cufflinks, fitness bands to trackers, smart t-shirts to socks, different wearable devices have been prioritized by customers from all across the globe. People are delighted to use wearable accessories with data transformation system. The sales of IoT enabled devices such as […]

Five IoT Analytics Platforms

How Internet of things (IoT) Will Revolutionize Farming Technology

The Internet of Things is not just a buzzword on the internet; it has made its presence and will be around for a while. Like every other industry, the agriculture industry is also encircled by the spectrum of the IoT. A recent study conducted by Inmarsat – Global Mobile Satellite Company concluded that agriculture industry […]

Food Production and Processing will be Easier with the Internet of Things

Key Benefits of Industrial Automation using IoT Technology

The introduction of industry 4.0 has empowered every aspect of our lives, and automation is the foundation upon which this technology is established. The industrial automation is based on machine learning, control system, and IoT technology. The use of automated robots has enabled businesses to become more agile and productive. Over the years, Automation has […]

Four Advantages of Industrial Automation using IoT Technology

The Internet of technology (IoT) Concept is Influencing Gaming Industry

The scope of IoT has escalated to a new horizon, and it’s legit to say that within the next few years it will influence every aspect of our lives. It has encompassed a large number of industries, and slowly gaming industry is also falling into its spectrum. Today, we’ll understand how it is affecting the […]

The Internet of Payments using Internet of Things (IoT) Technology