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Voice Control Might be the Next Big Deal in the IoT World

Recently, I walked down the alley to see the next big tech expo happening in my city. When I entered the venue, many companies were introducing sophisticated gadgets empowered by voice command. Most of these devices Google Home, Amazon Alexa, and other interactive voice interfaces. It seems as voice command will eliminate the use of […]

Alexa Has 15000 Skills in its Arsenal using IoT Technology

The Internet of Things (IoT) is Much Bigger Than We Assume

Whenever anyone speaks about the next big thing we think about connected technology or autonomous vehicles. But they are merely a part of the new technology that surrounds us. Without a doubt, we lack imagination to see beyond the spectrum. We can’t imagine something that’s already there and pretend it’s not. The tech world is […]

Google launches Cloud IoT Core, a managed IoT service

Five IoT Analytics Platforms

Analytics Platform is a must have for businesses planning to make their operational activities faster and smarter. But selecting the right IoT platform to serve the business purpose is still a hectic task for many companies. The IoT platform must support all the connected devices inside your organization and enhance their functionality. Today, we will […]

How to Create Robust IoT Mobile Applications for IoT devices

IoT Product Engineering: What does it take to create a connected device?

Currently, the internet is bombarded with IoT news and how it will affect our lives. But, what does it take to engineer an IoT product and determine its design? An IoT device is designed by using sophisticated sensors that transmit the data to a common network. These sensors act as a beacon to determine the […]

Nokia Joins Forces with University of Technology Sydney to Develop IoT-based Business Solutions

Intelligent Machinery Can Boost Organizational Efficiency

The IoT in the manufacturing industry is transforming the entire perspective of business by offering cognitive capabilities and innovative analytic tools. Implementing IoT technology has assisted businesses to improve quality of the products and add value to the customers. So, for businesses who want to capitalize cognitive manufacturing transformation, here are three key manufacturing plinths […]

The IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) Changing the Face of Business

Xiaomi Secures its Position as Top IoT Wearable Manufacturer

Xiaomi has successfully secured its position as the top wearable manufacture in Q2 of 2017, as mentioned in the reports of Strategy Analytics. The company shipped 3.8 million products, capturing 18% of the market share, and proved itself as a proficient brand to design hi-tech wearable devices. The company outpaced Fitbit (3.3 million) and Apple […]

Apple Smartwatch – The Leading Wearable Technology

Organization Investing in IoT Must Improve Their Storage and Server Infrastructures

Companies investing in IoT technologies are recognizing the importance of cloud computing. As the connected devices generate a massive amount of data, it is becoming more than essential for organizations to use external data storage source. Most organizations, across the globe, deploying IoT technology have already increased their storage capacity, server infrastructure, cloud storage, and […]

AWS Greengrass might be the Holy Grail of IoT Computing

Alexa Has 15000 Skills in its Arsenal using IoT Technology

Amazon’s digital assistant Alexa’s skill is evolving, putting the expertise of its competitors including Microsoft and Google at jeopardy. Within six months of time, Alexa has added 5000 more skills in its arsenal. Now Alexa has 1500 skills – up from 10,000 in February. It seems as the Amazon’s Echo and Dot line is going […]

Apple’s Digital Assistance is not yet ready to Rival with Google Home

Best Wearables Available in the Market using IoT technology

The internet is the main source of information. Anything you think of, the internet can provide you the answers within seconds. Besides that, it is a great place to meet new friends, have a team conversation, or store your information for later. The answer mentioned above was accurate five years ago! Today, the internet can […]

Xiaomi and Apple Outpace Fitbit in Wearable Technology