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Two Tech Companies Striving to Secure the Internet of Things (IoT)

The revolution of Industry 4.0 is revolutionizing the tech industry. One of the fascinating offering of the Industry 4.0 – the Internet of things which comprises of autonomous vehicles, smart wearables, smart home technology, and smart appliances are the “next big thing” in technology. Cisco estimates that the number of connected devices will reach 50 […]

How to Balance the Risks of the Internet of Things (IoT)

The IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) Changing the Face of Business

The rapid changes in the Internet of Things have increased the efficiency of consumer appliances while providing industrial applications the power to change the world. Though the primary function of IIoT is to improve work efficiency, it also has the capability to offer great returns on investment. Industrial Internet of Things Industrial Internet of Things […]

The era of Internet of things (IoT)

Monetizing IoT and Selecting the Right Business Model for Your Business

The value of the Internet of Things is escalating to new horizons. The current worth of the IoT market is $900 billion, which is predicted to reach $5 trillion in the next five years. The lucrative opportunities it presents are overwhelming for businesses of every stature. Despite the rapid growth, more than 70% of IoT […]

5 Reasons Why Business Intelligence is becoming an Indispensible Enterprise Solution

A Matter of Life and Death: Securing IoT Healthcare

Today the Internet of Things has influenced every industry by storm. Not only that, it has made a stout presence in consumer/commercial conversation. Thanks to the innovation of Google, Amazon, and Apple, IoT devices are available in online stores such as eBay, Best Buy, and John Lewis. Today Machine Learning and Artificial have surpassed the […]

Security Challenges for Smart Manufacturing Companies

Setting Up Strong Security Standards before Botnets Attack You

Mirai botnets caused the attack!!! Twitter, Amazon, and PlayStation Network were on the list of DDoS attack on DYN. These botnets gain access to our system through unsecured IoT devices such as routers, CCTV cameras, smart home appliances, and even DVRs. It can severely alter the DNS servers while cutting off the users from the […]

CloudFlare Announces a Security Solution for IoT Devices

Internet of things (IoT) will Enhance Business Productivity

The innovation in the technology is leading us to a smarter world where everything will be connected. All of this is becoming possible with the Internet of Things. The technology is used by different industries, including health, automobile, manufacturing, and transportation, across different platforms to optimize the operational workflow and mitigate errors. Businesses within a […]

Tips to Select a Proper Business Dashboard for Your Company

Chinese Researchers Demonstrate the Vulnerabilities of Connected Vehicles

Chinese IoT security experts from Keen Security Lab in Shanghai once again unveiled the potential threats of connected vehicles. The team was able to hack into an autonomous technology vehicle designed and developed by Tesla for the second consecutive year. The team used the vehicles in-car browser to run malicious code. Once the system was […]

The Era of Connected Cars is Here using IoT and Connected technology

CloudFlare Announces a Security Solution for IoT Devices

CloudFlare a reputed content delivery network that earned its reputation as securing websites is moving towards a more advanced and sophisticated industry – The Internet of Things. The company is designing a stout security solution for securing IoT device manufacturers. According to CEO of CloudFlare, Matthew Price, “We noticed a pattern of requests and turned […]

Securing the Internet of Things (IoT) for smart devices