How to Create Robust IoT Mobile Applications for IoT devices

According to reports – By the end of 2022, the number of connected devices will cross 50 billion mark. And every person in the world, approximately, will individually own 13 connected devices. Industry 4.0 (the era of IoT and connected devices) will take the technological world by storm and empower our everyday essentials. This includes […]

How to Develop IoT Mobile Applications for a Connected Devices

Qualcomm – Supplying One Million IoT Sensors and Chips per Day

Renowned as an industry leader in IoT chips manufacturing, Qualcomm dispatches more than one million IoT chips from their factory on a daily basis. Qualcomm supplies IoT chips to a wide range of industries including manufacturing, automobile, health service, and agriculture. Recently, the company is leveraging its expertise to create cost-effective and efficient IoT chips […]

Six Major Industries Benefiting from the Internet of Things

SAP will make a Huge Contribution in IoT and connected devices

A leading European Technology Company (SAP) is investing 2.4 billion in the IoT and connected devices. SAP, with high hopes, believes it will alter their operational anatomy. In a recent press conference, SAP officially announced that they will spend the total budget in different IoT and connected device technology within the next five years. Additionally, […]

IoT Devices are Still under Cyber Threats

Why the Improvement of Safety Protocols is Important in IoT Devices

The rapid growth of the IoT and connected devices are empowering many industries across the globe. With technology at the pinnacle, most businesses are modifying their operational framework. It’s certain that IoT and connected devices have unveiled numerous possibilities for businesses, but what about security protocols? Did you know? More than one billion connected devices […]

How to Guard Your IoT Devices against Cyber Threats

Google Accuses Former Employee for Selling their Technology to Uber

Recently Google filed a case against former worker Anthony Levandowski for selling their driverless car technology to UBER. And with this plan of action on their desk, Uber might outrun Google in the field of connected technology. For decades, UBER has been a major competitor for Google. And, they have implemented numerous strategies to stay […]

Google Accuses Former Employee for Selling their Technology to Uber

Smart Health Services with the IoT and Connected Devices

Technology has revolutionized every industry including manufacturing, transportation, communication, and health services. Today, humans work in conjunction with AI (Artificial Intelligence) to make their work faster, efficient, and smarter. Amongst all, Health Care Industry is a major field that can benefit with the adoption of IoT and connected devices. Companies never associated with Health Care […]

One among Three People Expect a Driver-less Connected Car Until 2026

A recent survey conducted in Amsterdam concluded that more than a quarter of Netherlands civilians believe that with 10 years of time there will be driver-less cars. The survey analyzed consumer expectations about connected cars by looking at the reports collected from 5600 civilians. When asked about their top expectations 37% said they need advanced […]

Satellite Technology to Empower Internet of Things and Connected Devices

Google Lens Revolutionizing the Meaning of Search

In a recent Google I/O, Google CEO Sundar Pichai stated that “All of Google was built because we started understanding text and web pages. So the fact that computers can understand images and videos has profound implications for our core mission.” The contribution of Google in the world of Information and Technology is impeccable. Now, […]

Six Major Industries Benefiting from the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things, recently, has unveiled new gates of possibilities for businesses. There are lots of industries benefiting from this smart innovation. The use of IoT and connected devices has helped different industries to streamline their operational workflow and boost their production capability. Tomorrow’s world is going to be smart, and if companies are […]

IoT and Connecting Devices for Insurance Companies